Ukraine on the Breakdown of Civilizations / Author of the compiler O.Dombrovskyi. – Vinnytsia. 2018. – 174 p.
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Mazylo, I. (2019). Ukraine on the Breakdown of Civilizations / Author of the compiler O.Dombrovskyi. – Vinnytsia. 2018. – 174 p. Scientific Papers of the Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsyiubynskyi State Pedagogical University Series History, 29, 121-124.


The scientific publication “Ukraine on the Breakdown of Civilizations” by scientist and politician Oleksandr Dombrovskyi is patended in this article. The author is a very authoritative person who perfectly knows the material and the subject of his research. His statements and conclusions can be trusted. The text of the book consists of selected articles, the content of which is directed to comprehend certain historical stages of the Ukrainian past and present. He applied a new approach to the analysis of certain events due to the influence of the religious factor. The latter is very relevant. The Church in modern Ukraine is becoming more popular the spiritual life of society. Parish grows, churches are built, monasteries are opened. .The long-standing struggle for autocephaly has been successfully completed.

The study rightly states that the religious factor caused a split in Ukrainian society during the Middle Ages. The confirmation is the conclusions of scientists and the words of the Great Kobzar that the Union of Cossacks with the poles were put up and if not Jesuits, they might not have been cut. The author claims that Ukrainians inherited a complex history. Each region has its own cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious peculiarities. The researcher emphasizes that the Church of Christ is capable of uniting people through faith in one God on the principles of trust, love and mutual respect. In this way, the Christian church reminds citizens of their spiritual unity.

It can be affirmed that the author has partly joined the solution of the difficult task that the intellectuals and the thinking part of the Ukrainian politics are working on - the elaboration of certain principles for the development of a new model of social development. He states that Ukraine has a unique national potential: its own extraordinary and rich culture and spiritual tradition, faith. The grace of holy baptism spread to many peoples in the Kiev land. There is a good reason that Kiev City was called the Second Jerusalem. Having a glorious past, a thousand-year church tradition, a state-building potential, Ukrainians are rightly striving for a better future.

pdf (Ukrainian)
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